Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery


Crew Chiefs and Project Manager going over the day

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In this picture from left to right, you’ll see Ryan (Crew Chief), Jay (Project Manager) and Donald (Crew Chief). Each morning before that day’s workload, a meeting is held to ensure maximum customer service. Our crews are extremely passionate in what they do and we are very lucky to have the team that we do here at SERVPRO of Plymouth /Wareham.

Technicians cleaning equipment

Equipment Care

Caring for Our Equipment is Important to Us

In this picture Crew Chief, Ryan, and Production Technician, Adam, are taking care of the equipment. To ensure our equipment’s longevity and for its best performance, we’re sure to take extra good care of our equipment. In this photo Ryan and Adam are cleaning air movers- which are used for drying in water damage situations. All of our crew members take great pride at what we do here at SERVPRO of Plymouth / Wareham and we take pride in putting customer satisfaction first. In order to help our customers, we need to ensure at all times that our equipment is in exemplary shape.

Garage with insulation piled on the floor

Removing Moldy Insulation

This Lakeville home's garage had insulation that had gotten wet some time ago, and when the homeowner noticed mold they called SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham. Our technicians went in with the necessary expertise and equipment to tear out the effected insulation and treat the surrounding areas. 

male employee dressed in personal protective equipment

Suiting Up for Remediation

Protective clothing is very important when removing and treating mold. In this photo you'll see one of our technicians wearing a protective suit (a Tyvex coverall), eye protection, gloves and a respirator. 

male employee under a deck

Treating Mold in a Duxbury Home

A crew member at SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham suited up and spraying Serum 1000 on a Duxbury Home. Serum 1000 is used in the removal of organic growth from surfaces.

ceiling with drywall removed and an application wand spraying a solution on the wood

Treating Mold in a Plymouth Home

In this photo, you will see one of our technicians spraying a fungicide chemical called Sporicidin in the gutted-out ceiling of a Plymouth home where mold was found. Sporicidin is commonly used when treating mold.

male employee standing in front of a green SERVPRO car

Our Marketing Manager Todd!

Meet our marketing manager Todd! He's always on the road meeting and making new connections; he enjoys being a part of the community! Todd firmly believes in the power of communication, and he is a great representative of SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham.

interior of 4 air ducts with debris and lint in them

Duct Cleaning

What is lurking in your ducts?

SERVPRO of Plymouth / Wareham can regularly cleaning your ducts. Duct cleaning can improve the air quality in your home. Ask about our duct cleaning services!