Water Damage Photo Gallery

image of a flood cut

Flood Cut After Flooded Kingston Den

Restoring Water Damage in Kingston

A Kingston resident had their hot water heater burst- leading to extensive water damage throughout their entire den. In this photo you will see our Technician Donald here with a flood cut. A flood cut is when you remove the drywall and address any moisture issues behind the actual wall. 

Ridding of Wet Insulation

This Kingston home had water damage in several rooms after a pipe broke. The homeowners called SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham to restore their home back to it's pre-water damaged condition. In this photo you'll see one of our technicians getting rid of wet insulation from the ceiling. 

Extracting Water from a Middleboro Preschool

In this photo you can see one of our techs at SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham using a water extractor machine to extract the water from the wet carpet. Extractors, with the help of your weight, suck water out of both the wet carpet and pad. 

Drying out Family Game Room

This Carver family home had a leak which lead to serious water damage in their finished basement. They called SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham to help restore their family game room. Our techs went in and pulled baseboards and flooring, and started drying using air movers as you can see in the photo. The room was also treated with an anti microbial agent before the job was done. Now this Carver family's game room is dry and ready for rebuilding!

Demo after Water Damage in Pembroke Home

The owner of this Pembroke home had left a faucet running for quite some time, leading to a serious water damage that affected several rooms in his home. This is the Living room after demo! 

male and female employee looking at papers


Nick and Tabitha going over the work schedule for the day! #preparation

Here at SERVPRO of Plymouth/Wareham, we like to be organized and on top of everything- so that our work days go smoothly, and your home restorations go even smoother. #likeitneverevenhappened